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OUR LIVING HERITAGE and the accompanying DVD, published in 2013, were devised as a means of capturing and enlivening a collective heritage, one which was shaped by the uniqueness of its people and location, and as a tribute to those local residents who, in turn, helped shape our community. For those who live, or have ever lived, in Cynheidre, Horeb, Sylen or Five Roads, it strikes a chord, reviving memories of life in earlier times. For other readers, it conveys our strong sense of community and pride in our heritage which helped to motivate the project.

Sir John Daniel [world expert on open, distance and technology mediated learning, and distinguished leader of universities and inter-governmental organisations in Canada, France and the United Kingdom, including the Open University & UNESCO], wrote the following of this project: “The accounts in the book are wonderfully evocative. It is a cliché that we live in changing times, but few places can have seen as many upheavals……. It is important to record this history while there are still people around who can remember how it was and what it felt like to live in Five Roads in earlier days. I warmly commend those who have contributed to this book, which will, I am sure, evoke in its readers the many memories and reflections on the transience of life that it has inspired in me.”



OUR LIVING HERITAGE is a paperback book of 200 pages and is priced at
£12.00 post free in UK


OUR COMMUNITY AT WAR. It was clear from the research behind ‘Our Living Heritage’ that our small community had played its part in, and been affected by, outbursts of international conflict. It also became apparent that the sacrifices made by local people at such times had not been adequately acknowledged, and, to do justice to them, it was decided to embark on a new project to include the installation of an interpretive board and a community war memorial. This book, published in 2016, accompanies these significant additions to our village landscape as we commemorate the sacrifices made by local people in the national cause during the twentieth century.

OUR COMMUNITY AT WAR is a paperback book of 154 pages will be available shortly.

OUR STORY. This was originally conceived as a chapter entitled “Early History” in our first publication, “Our Living Heritage”. Its purpose was to give a “bite size”history of our community up to and including the Anglo-Norman Conquest and the struggle for independence. Even then, it was considered too large for full inclusion in the book and it was decided to limit its time-line up to the Iron Age, with a proviso to install the full text on our then future website. Since that time, it has been extended to include the Wars of the Roses and the Tudors, whose dynasty owed its existence in no small part to the participation of the people of Carmarthenshire.

This on-line publication is now complete and tells the intriguing story of our community from pre-history to the time of the Tudors. Importantly, it places the locality and shows its influence in the context of wider historical and geographical developments over the past twenty millennia.

OUR STORY is a digital book, supplied in PDF format and is a free download.




In 1973-4, the Carmarthenshire Federation of Women’s Institutes appealed for local groups to create a map and historical data for a project entitled, ‘Our Vanishing Heritage’. Members in the Five Roads area produced this booklet which contains a range of fascinating details about local life.

OUR VANISHING HERITAGE is a digital booklet, supplied in PDF format and is a free download.

The PDF downloads are free but any donation you may wish to make towards the
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