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Since 2011 Five Roads Heritage Society has:

      • Built a membership of around 20 local people;

      • Published two local history books and a DVD (see ‘Publications’), distributed free to all local households;

      • Installed the interpretive panel shown above next to the Stag, and a War Memorial in the grounds of the Community Hall;

      • Held numerous community events (concerts, exhibitions, book launches, remembrance services, social evenings, etc);

      • Established a comprehensive calendar of Society events (see ‘Calendar’), including: meetings; guest speakers; trips (e.g Cwm Deri Vineyard; Llanelly & Mynydd Mawr Railway; Brecon Regimental Museum); social events (e.g. Summer meal; Christmas Dinner; Cawl a Chân Dydd Gŵyl Dewi);

      • Been awarded more than £20,000 in grant aid for various projects, from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Llanelli Rural Council, TAD Builders Ltd, and voluntary contributions.

      • Above all else, we have involved the whole community in our activities and work closely with other groups to benefit local people, not least in capturing our living heritage.

And we look forward to doing a lot more in the future.
A warm welcome is extended to all new members to come and join us.

Projects for the future include:

HOREB CHAPEL – after its closure in 2005, there has been a rapid and tragic decline in the condition of Horeb Chapel and its graveyard. To enable relatives of those buried there and those with an interest in local history to gain access to this vital historical landmark, the Society has worked with the owners of the chapel to improve things. Work has been going on for the past few months to clear the mass of vegetation which has grown over the gravestones, and they are now visible and accessible. Once the weather improves, we will be mapping, photographing and transcribing the graves to ensure that their historical importance is not lost.

CAPEL CLEMENT – 2022 will mark the bicentenary of the founding of the first non-conformist chapel in the locality. Built in 1822 as a ‘chapel of ease’ at Bryngroesfach farm by a retired and eccentric vicar, Thomas Clement, became a source of tension with the Vicar of Llanelli, Rev. Ebenezer Morris. After Clement’s death in 1824, Morris ordered the chapel to be demolished, and chapel members built a new one on its current site at Rehoboth Chapel. Clement was buried in a lead coffin encased in wood and entombed in a stone sarcophagus. Clement’s gravestone is in a poor state of repair, and the Society will be seeking to renovate it in preparation for the anniversary.

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