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                                   DIGWYDDIADAU      2018       EVENTS

Dyddiad/Date   Lleoliad/Location                         Digwyddiad/Event (7pm unless stated)                               

23.01.18          Neuadd Y Pentref/Village Hall       Kevin Hughes – filmshow of Five  Roads Blue Plaques & Quiz.

20.02.18          Neuadd Y Pentref/Village Hall       Jeffrey Thomas O.B.E. – The Church in Wales.

20.03.18          Stag Inn                                    Charcutier Ltd – Pontnewydd. A talk on The production of local Charcutery.
                                                                           Illtyd Llyr Dunsford.

17.04.18          Neuadd y Pentref/Village Hall       A talk and display on Victorian costumes. John Blyth.

15.05.18          Stag Inn                                    The Bronte’s – A talk by Richard Walker.

23.06.18          Trip to Llantrisant                       The Royal Mint experience. (approx. 10am).

18.09.18          To be confirmed.                                                                                                                

16.10.18          Neuadd Y Pentref/Village Hall       An 18th century debtor in Prison – a brief play by Deborah Johns.

11.11.18          Neuadd Y Pentref/Village Hall       Gwasanaeth Sul Y cofio/Remembrance  Sunday Service  (3pm).

07.12.18          Waun Wyllt Inn                           Cinio Nadolig/Christmas Dinner.  



N.B. Please note the change of location for the first two events from previously published information.


Carnifal Pum Heol
A’r Cylch
Cylch Meithrin
Cricket Club
Five Roads Hall
Capel Rehoboth
Women's Institute